Folk Music Events

Polish folk music richly combines the country’s traditions and culture through dancing, singing, and regional dress. Folk concerts are held at Jama Michalika, a café situated in a 15th-century building and at Pod Złotym Karpiem Restaurant, a traditional Polish restaurant. During performances, guests also have the opportunity to try traditional Polish cuisine that tastes just as good as the music sounds.

Place: Jama Michalika, Floriańska 45 Str.
III-XII – every Wednesday and Saturday.
Starting Time: 7:00 P.M.

Price: 180 PLN

Chopin Concerts

Performances of Chopin’s masterful piano compositions are a real treat for any music aficionado. Pieces from the oeuvre of the legendary composer, renowned both in Poland and abroad, are performed regularly, all year round. The concerts highlight Chopin’s most popular piano works, which are performed by notable pianists such as Witold Wilczek, Radosław Goździkowski, Paweł Kubica and Bartłomiej Kominek. The concerts are held in a 15th-century building that used to be the house of Kaspar Dębiński, Master of the Hunt for the Royal Family.

Place: Chopin Gallery – 14 Sławkowska Str.
Starting Time: every day at 7:30 P.M.

Price: 80 PLN

*a glass of wine included

Klezmer Music

Although the tradition originated from the Ashkenazi Jews of Southeastern Europe, the genre has been highly influenced by Romanian, Greek, Ukrainian, Polish, and Turkish music. The repertoire consists of instrumental pieces featuring the folklore of Reform Judaism, and songs in Yiddish that channel the traditions of Orthodox Judaism.

Place: Klezmer Music Venue – 14 Sławkowska Str.
Starting Time: 4:30 P.M.
Every Thursday and Saturday.

Price: 70 PLN